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by Tinnitis

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Tinnitis' 2007 album.


released July 1, 2007

Produced by Tinnitis
Cover art by MC Tourettes



all rights reserved


Tinnitis New Jersey

Tinnitis: A Different Kind of Music

Founded 2000

Recording since 2004

Featuring MC Tourettes

Featuring DJ Slow (2005-2007)

Is Tinnitis for real? Or just kidding? The world may never know.
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Track Name: Pittsville (Theme)
I'm bored.
Track Name: Jeopretardy (Extended Mix)
LYRICS! Coming Soon!
Track Name: Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start
Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start
I'll let you in on a secret code
Increase your manpower tenfold
Track Name: Never Mind The Vodka
Once upon a time, we were young, we were free
Snubbed our nose at authority
We did it on our own, young feisty and niave
Fueled for life, or so we believe
Now it's come full-circle; it's all turned to hype
On a vodka commercial, the Sex Pistols' logotype

Never mind the vodka
It goes to your head
The truth's absolut
Sid Vicious is dead

Now punks like their vodka; we all consume stuff
But product endorsement has gone far enough


We've fallen off the track; how low have we gotten
Can the message return? Rescue me, Johnny Rotten


Sid Vicious is dead
Sid Vicious is dead
La la la la
Sid Vicious is dead
Track Name: I'm In Love With Erin Esurance
There she is - on my TV screen
that pink haired babe - she fights off robot crime
collectiv - ly known as the baddies
that agent- she whoops them every time

On the move - she springs into action
her vehicles - are all properly insured
I just love - a babe both athletic and smart
She's the girl - whom I've been searching for

I'm in love with Erin Esurance

-Code Green! - Her daz-zel-ing eyes
-Code Pink! - Her wild styled hair
-Code red! - She's so super-hot
-Code Blue! - That's me when she's not there

On the go - Fighting Dr. Botanicus
And his schemes - to keep insurance rates high
She's so hot - give me fast, friendly service
saves me cash - another reason why


She turns me on when she says...
"Quote, buy, print!"

There's a man - The Mysterious Stranger
He's her boss - sends her on special missions
So they can't - get together though she likes him
Their duties - means they'll only be wishin'

I know I - could get erin to myself if
His I.D. - is something that I could tell
But that would - be a threat to security
and to low - insurance rates as well

I'm in Love with Erin Esurance
Track Name: Haack Attaack
Who's the king of techno?
Is it prodigy? Heck, no!
They arrived way too late
on the scene, boy.

The one that I reference
He made all the difference
His thinking was all
But routine, boy

A forward thinker
He knew how to tinker
with machines he built on his own

His spirit's alive
Out in dimension five
Where he's shaking up regions unknown

My telepathic friend
I'll defend to the end
As the true techno king

I'm sure glad you ask
to take me to task
Because this song I'll sing

Bruce Haack
He's anti-wack
Watch your back
Oh, Smack
It's a Haack Attaack

His spirit's arousin'
In the year 2000
It's a significant time
for his music

The future facts that he sees
with pinpoint accuracy
is so astonishing
(that) it's too sick

He moved paradigms
(and) was ahead of his time
Playing future music right now

Had to be clairvoyent
His talent, so bouyant
He had the high-tech know-how

Bruce Haack
He's anti-wack
Watch your back
Oh, Smack
It's a Haack Attaack

electronic innovator
he's not some impersonator
He's the original party machine

So If you're into techno-pop
You better give your props
To the guy who gave us the scene. boy

Bruce Haack
He's anti-wack
Watch your back
Oh, Smack
It's a Haack Attaack
Track Name: Making Miis
My brother's always making Miis
Wears out his remote batteries
My brother's always making Miis
Made his friends and family
He made a Mii of his Mom
It's called a Mommy Mii
He made one named Mimi
It's a Mimi Mii
My brother's always making Miis
Wearing out his batteries

Making Miis
Making Miis
Making Miis
Making Miis

His friends drop in to play his Wii
Instead they watch him making Miis
They start begging on their knees
"Can we play some bowling, please?"
He answers, "in a minute.
For now, hold that pose
I want to make sure I
give you the right nose."
My brother's always making Miis
Wearing out those batteries


Wait in line at Toys R Us in a cold breeze
For hours on end while I stand there and freeze
To get their last Christmas stock Nintendo Wii
Just so he can spend all day making Miis

He plays no games; he just makes Miis
He made Jesus and Captain Murphy
Rock stars and celebrities
Mii Plaza's at capacity
He buys more remotes. Each one holds ten, so
He buys them by the dozen, employing all Ninteno
My brother's always making Miis
wearing out his batteries

Track Name: ^@^0 +3[# ^@+!0^
nano tech nation

The war is over and nobody won
The revolution has just begun
Make way for the rise of technopolis
Once we arrive you can't topple this

nano tech nation
Post denigration, hyper inflation
It's the blank generation

The nth generation is on the scene
With hi-tech gadgets and laser beams
Step aside, now we're in control
Never to burn out our digital soul


It's a post-atomic, post-war hi-tech world
A new heirarchy will be unfurled
Step aside, now we're in control
Teh future is built on rock & roll

Track Name: MyPlace@MySpace
C'mon-a my place
Down at MySpace
C'mon-a my place
Down at MySpace
- Making friends is all that I do
I betchya five bucks I've got way more than you

C'mon-a my place
Down at MySpace
C'mon-a my place
Down at MySpace
- Thirty-two thousand seven sixty-eight friends
- And the list of requests never ends

The number of friends you've got, I'll match ya
Give me a week and I'll surpass ya
If you're perpetratin', I'll catch ya
'Cause you'll be dissed - by a capatcha

Each week, brand new videos comin' atchya
every one be so intense, thatchya
beggin' for more, the kudos I score
Racking up hits while you check what's in store

It's the center of the the hottest social scene
Down at myspace (2x)

C'mon-a my place
Down at MySpace
C'mon-a my place
Down at MySpace
- You better stop by and read my profile; that is
- If you wanna be a person with status

C'mon-a my place
Down at MySpace
C'mon-a my place
Down at MySpace
- I'm the next kubrick; all my films get kudos
- like the family dinner fight that breaks out in Judo

Made polls and slideshows with Shockwave Flash
My profile pics are all the smash
Surfers flock to them like a spring break bash
Post new ones up and watch them dash
Get so much traffic that the servers crash
With this demand I should charge cash
money. Isn't it funny?
Getting mad requests from all the playas and honeys


C'mon-a my place
Down at MySpace
C'mon-a my place
Down at MySpace
- I post these songs, and everyone listens
- You read my web log, you'll click a subscription

C'mon-a my place
Down at MySpace
C'mon-a my place
Down at MySpace
- My friends are like groupies. I call them my minions
- They join my groups just to read my opinions

Living' this large, it feels so great
Homes lay down cash to be in my top eight
Not my friend? You're just some lightweight
Another Kevin Smith fan without a date
Tom is jealous of how high I rate
He can't compete; that's layin' it straight
Up. Don't mean to sound abrupt.
I'm not conceited, Just tellin' whaz sup!


Yo, Word; Aw, man, that was smooth.
Now I'd like to thank those who slipped us the groove:
- MC Hawking, Kraftwerk, Debbie Gibson, Jazzy Jeff
- Dirty Sanchez, Tina Root, you know your beats are def
- there's Devo and Falco and Paula Abdul
- I pay my respects cos you guys rule!
- You wanna chill and you know you will, well, then you know the place
- I'm thru with my rhyme, but I know the time. I'll see ya down at MySpace
- Halla back
Track Name: Supergeekazoid
(Lyrics presented here are posted from original text file; all the hyphens were timing guides for MC Tourettes)


Im a supergeek - I know that you'll believe me
I'm whiter than Wonder - Both the bread and Stevie
You know by my rap - I'm not much of a homie
But I got respect - from all of those who know me

I'm - the type - of geek the people wanna be
that's - because - they're too scared to make fun of me
Though I don't look or act cool I got respect
You say I perpertrate? Let me lay a little retrospect
I Make designer drugs - 'cos I'm a whiz with chemistry
I'll build your custom weapon - to me it's elementary
My price is not too high - just outbid the next guy
My toy shop's an underground - underworld Best Buy
I'll break into your files - cos I'm the world's best hacker
Decryption's no big deal for the foremost cipher cracker
I'm never low on dough - cos ATMs are slaves to me
Women are in love with my power cos it pays to be


I'm the kind of geek the people never laugh at
that's - because - I built my own fast track
People are afraid of me - just go check my sources
My mind's being bid on by major world forces
I don't drop the bombs - I just get them created
I've got devious ways to get guys erraticated
I'm - the one - who caused the death of 2-Pac
One key press - is all it takes - for me to get you whacked
i Test in real life - each war game scenario
Attained the perfect score on any game with Mario
I collect pokemon cards - that don't have any creases
But I'm the guy who moves world - leaders like chess pieces
To - all those- who think that I'm too dangerous
what's worse than me? No me to arrange all this.
The world would be chaos if someone put a stop to me
That - is why - they all keep me on top, you see

Track Name: Space Captain John Stewart Chang
(there are no lyrics)
Track Name: Rip & Burn
Borrow CDs from my friend
Build an instant collection

Download my own mp3s
Then put them on blank cds

rent discs from the library
then I copy them for free

Napster KaZaa BitTorrent
Never have to pay a cent

Bypassing the music store
Why do I need those guys for?

Gigabytes of data flow
700 4.7 8.5... go!

Rip, Rip
Rip & Burn
Track Name: Telephone (Meucci Mix)
They can track the human genome
I can make music on my telephone

They know how to make a dog or cat clone
I can make music on my telephone
a clone

They can solve cosmic mysteries unknown
I can make music on my telephone