Hannah Montana's Driving Me Bananas (CD maxi​-​single)

by Tinnitis



5-song CD single. Watch here for 4 more tracks to be uploaded soon!


released September 30, 2009



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Track Name: Hannah Montana's Driving Me Bananas (Smiley Iris mix)
Hannah Montana's Driving Me Bananas

Words & Music by MC Tourettes
16 February 2009

- Here's my story, sad but so
- About a girl who we all know
- She drives me crazy every day
- Boy, I wish she'd go away

- Hannah Montana's Driving Me Bananas
- Hannah Montana's Driving Me Bananas
- Hannah Montana's Driving Me Bananas
- Hannah Montana's Driving Me Bananas

Verse 1:
- I've got a daughter. She just turned 13
- Her eyes are always glued to the TV screen
- Idolizing that unnatural blonde
- won't do her chores or homework whenever she's on

- See, this Mylie's pop star Hannah but she sings in disguise
- So she can be an average teen with peer girls and guys
- The characters on the show, they never get wise
- My daughter loves this premise so she goes out and buys

- All her merchandise. You know?
- And guess who pays?
- That's right: Dear old Dad.


Bridge 1:
- For her birthday we went to see her show
- The tickets cose me a lot of dough
- Surrounding us in every row
- Were thousands of screaming teenage girls. Let me go!

Verse 2:
- Two Tylenols later, we drive home in my car
- Then she pops some Mylie tunes from a CD-R
- She sings along with it. Now it's making me manic
- I'm glad she was just one when they released "Titanic"

- 'Cause I couldn't tolerate both Hannah and Leo
- Mylie's always on my TV set or stereo
- Making out each paycheck to the Disney store
- My daughter's very happy, but I'm feeling so poor

Bridge 2:
- She's got Hannah notebooks, pencils, posters
- Stretchy pants, glasses with coasters
- Anything with Hanna's pic or logo
- She's too big for me to buy a pair of her shoes at B.O.G.O.

Verse 3:
- So, now my story's over any you heard my lament
- And now you got the picture where the money all went
- But there can be a happy ending if we put up a fight
- Against Hannah Montana: Fathers unite!


Coda (spoken):
- Aw!
- I thought those Pokemon cards were bad enough
- Then there wer Beanie Babies, Bratz dolls
- and now: Hannah Montana!
- Why couldn't I have come up with this gold mine?
- Then again, who would want to hear me sing?

CHORUS and fade.