Security Device Enclosed

by Tinnitis



Released in the summer of 2006 with four versions. Each version had one of four different covers. Each version was also featured a different bonus track: a vintage pre-Tinnitis song recorded on a 4-track by MC Tourettes in 1994 or 1998. There was no need to buy all four versions unless you wanted all the covers, because the four bonus tracks were released together as a separate release titled "11:59".

ADVISORY WARNING!!!: "Security Device Enclosed" contains political views that may differ from those you've been spoon-fed. Tinnitis is not responsible for anyone's inability to handle dissenting ideas.


released July 1, 2006

Music and lyrics on all tracks by MC Tourettes
AndySocial: Guest guitarist on "The Checkout Game".
Cover model: Krystina Kovalevskaya

(c) 2006, Tinnitis. all rights reserved.



all rights reserved


Tinnitis New Jersey

Tinnitis: A Different Kind of Music

Founded 2000

Recording since 2004

Featuring MC Tourettes

Featuring DJ Slow (2005-2007)

Is Tinnitis for real? Or just kidding? The world may never know.
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Track Name: Punk Rock Chix On Roller Sk8s
I was just a boy
Playing with my toys
It was such a simple life
Then they would roll by
I never knew why
But they'd always cause me strife

They'd laugh at me and tease
And say I had cooties
Can you sense the trauma here?
They'd call me little squirt
You know how that hurts
I'd always live in fear

Dressed in black and safety pins
Dark nails and makeup too
They'd tease me until my face,
Like their hair turned deep blue
They were...

Punk Rock Chix on Roller Sk8s (3x)
They were totally uncool
Punk Rock Chix on Roller Sk8s (3x)
How could they be so cruel?

For fun they would knock down
My Legoland town
What was their beef with architects?
Then those nasty chix
would steal all my Trix
They were the unfairer sex

I'd sometimes chase behind them
to beat them up real good
But they were too fast for me
Sk8ing 'round the neighborhood


Punk Rock Chix on Roller Sk8s (3x)
Harassed me daily after school
Punk Rock Chix on Roller Sk8s (3x)
How could they be so cruel?

They would put gum in my hair
Tie my laces into a snare
I would always fill with fear
when I saw them sk8ing near

Don't you torment us small fries
Pick on someone your own size
I was too small to defend
Cause they were real big...
Like over ten


Now the years, they have passed on
And my childhood days are gone
These days I would rather be
Amidst female company

So now all your combat boots
And plaid skirts look so cute
They once teased me. Now those chix
all are giving me my kicks

So now I can be found
Skating all around
Amidst my punk rock girls
Jammin' to Black Flag tunes
Each mid-afternoon
As they give my heart a whirl

So if you're in our town
You'll see us roll around
My Punk Rock Chix and me
This is not literal
But me and the girls
Make sweet harmony

Punk Rock Chix on Roller sk8s (3x)
My harem of girl friends
Punk Rock Chix on roller sk8s (3x)
Now my song's at an end
Track Name: Freak (I'm A...)
I think the moon landing's fake
And the Earth's flat like a pancake
I'm a freak
The Illuminati rigs elections
The Da Vinci Code belongs in the non-fiction section
I'm a freak

I say it's true Elvis Presley's still alive
It's really Paul McCartney who never did survive
That motorcycle accident in 1965
I'm an F-R-E-A-K
I'm a freak

I'm a freak
I'm a freak
F-R-E-A-K spells freak
I'm a freak

The Iraqi War's for oil
My hat's made out of tin foil
I'm a freak
I still fear Y2K
Hale-Bopp, take me away!
I'm a freak

I refuse to drive a non-hybrid car
And I cannot live without my NPR
I love it as much as I do the Midnight Star
I'm an F-R-E-A-K
I'm a freak


I have boils on my nose
And I've flown in UFOs
I'm a freak
If Nostradamus said it
Then you know I must have read it
I'm a freak
(Now that's real freaky)

I'm the kind of guy who thinks the Bible's phony
But I'm easily duped by Michael Moore's baloney
I'd probably buy the Brooklyn Bridge if it were shown me
I'm an F-R-E-A-K
I'm a freak


Spazz, jerk, moron, goof, dope, geek
I'm a freak
Track Name: O! Good Golly
Oh! good Golly
Got to go to the potty right now (2x)
Oh-oh gotta go right now
Track Name: The Checkout Game
The Checkout Game
(MC Tourettes)

In the supermarket I play a game
You may think that it's lame
But when I'm stuck in line
It gets me through all the same
I check the covers of magazines
From Cosmo to Seventeen

If Jennifer
Is on two or less
then I win
If three or more times
I peruse her
Then the game ends
With me the loser

Ew! She's on Maxim
I lose again

People and Entertainment Weekly
Are owned by her company: WB
But this week I Start to panic
She's on the front of Popular Mechanics

These odds against me
They're really unfair
Already I see
Uncombed mops of hair

Every Day With Rachael Ray
I lose again