by Tinnitis



11:59 is an EP featuring four pre-Tinnitis songs recorded on a 4-track in the years 1994 and 1998. It provides a glimpse of what was to come. The cover is an allusion to the wildly inaccurate atomic "doomsday" clock, which is supposed to count all of human civilization in a 12 hour period. As of 2006, the clock was never set to 11:59.


released August 1, 2006

Produced by Tinnitis.
Music and lyrics by MC Tourettes
Cover art by MC Tourettes

(c) 1994, 1998, 2006, Tinnitis. All rights reserved.



all rights reserved


Tinnitis New Jersey

Tinnitis: A Different Kind of Music

Founded 2000

Recording since 2004

Featuring MC Tourettes

Featuring DJ Slow (2005-2007)

Is Tinnitis for real? Or just kidding? The world may never know.
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Track Name: America's Hemmorhoids
I am sick of the likes of people like
Amy Fisher
Joey Butafuco
Tonya Harding
Nancy Kerrigan
The Bobbitts
And O.J. Simpson

They are America's Hemmorhoids
And I'll tell you what
America's Hemmorhoids
Are a pain in the butt
Celebrities like these
We don't need around
Because when they are
It's hard to sit down

Enough of this nonsense
Let's get a life
and start watching some real TV
Like Beverly Hills 90210

Oh no
The pain is back
Maybe there's more to life than television
How about you pass me the National Enquirer?

America's Hemorrhoids are the only ones
Whose lives are worse than my own (2x)
Track Name: Big Toenail Polka
One day while drinking chocolate mocha
I rammed my foot right into a chair
In pain I did the Big Toenail Polka
Now I seem to do it everywhere

You can do the big toenail polka
Grab your right hand and grab your left foot
Then jump and scream like some crazy joker
And switch and repeat until you go ka-put

When you stub your toe, did you notice
Your toenail can get big for some reason
I can't to explain why this is so. This
Is one I will have to leave to Beakman

And Beakman said, "You Can"


The big toenail polka is lots of fun
But when you stub your toe
You gotta run
You gotta run
You gotta run
I ain't talkin' about some big throbbing toe
What I mean is that your toenail will actually grow

So polka, baby!

You can do the Big Toenail Polka
Grab your foot and also grab your head
Then switch and repeay like some crazy joker
And switch and repeat till you drop down dead

Track Name: McGyp
Got ripped off at McDonald's and I'm gonna tell you what
You may think I'm a mental case or maybe just a nut
I may be making mountains out of little molehills but
When you add off the rip-offs, it comes to quite a glut

I was in Atlantic City and I had to catch a bus
I had to wait two hours for the one from Toys R Us
And the long ride to the station truly spawened my appetite
So I ran down to McDonald's to grab myself a bite

I ordered twenty McNuggets because I was a growing adult
But the clerk behind the counter was no less than a dolt
I was supposed to get four sauces because it's complimentary
But I had to eat some dry because he only gave me three

Dry McNuggets
They really suck
They really suck
Dry McNuggets
Make me up chuck
Make me up chuck
Dry McNuggets
They really suck
They really suck

I couldn't go back to the place to demand my sauce
'Cause I was on a speeding bus so strike another loss
But it's okay because things that go around come around
And as we left the station, McDonald's was burning down

Dry McNuggets
Make me up chuck
Make me up chuck
Dry McNuggets
They really suck
They really suckDry McNuggets
Make me up chuck
Make me up chuck
Track Name: No Ashley
Generation W
always troubles you
Generation X
It's politically correct
For Generation X
TO have a lot o s-eX (allusion to disco band S-Express)
As if the thing protects
while they cash their checks

Generation X
Yields Generation Y
Chromosome of Y
Meets Chromosome of Y
Someone tell me Why
Why Why Why?

1990 baby
1991 baby
1992 baby
1993 baby
All their names are samey
So so cochamamie

Don't you even say it!
I hate the name
I hate the name Ashley!

No Ashley!
No Ashley!
No Ashley!
No Ashley!

(No Ashley
No Ashley
No Ashley
No Ashley
No! (2x)

VERSE 2, much like the first

Girls with names like boys
Boys with names like girls
It's a mixed-up world
It's a muddled up world
It's an Ashley world

Oh no, I just said it
In the sentence
That word... that word...