More Than Meets The Ears

by Tinnitis


A 19-track CD of song parodies about Transformers! Most of the songs pertain to Generation 1 Transformers, although a scant few Beast Wars and Beast Machines themed songs are included. Most of these songs were written between 2000 and 2002. The project began with a few sequenced MIDI songs for a Transformer-themed Internet radio program. Tinnitis was formed as an outgrowth of these sessions.

The album features, among others, parodies of Herman's Hermits, Blondie, Animation, "Weird Al" Yankovic (there's an artist who doesn't get a parody song often), Beastie Boys, and even obscure artists like Negativland. Extensive liner notes are included.

MESSAGE FOR AUDIOPHILES: Almost all of the tracks, except "Predacon", were recorded without multi-track technology and with various technical hurdles, and they were reflected in the quality of the sound. However, it only adds to the charm of "More Than Meets The Ears"' DIY nature.

"More Than Meets The Ears" is essential for a Transformer fan. Your collection is incomplete without it.


released April 1, 2006

Produced by Tinnitis.
Lyrics by MC Tourettes
Cover art by MC Tourettes

(c) 2006, Tinnitis. All rights reserved.



Tinnitis New Jersey

Tinnitis: A Different Kind of Music

Founded 2000

Recording since 2004

Featuring MC Tourettes

Featuring DJ Slow (2005-2007)

Is Tinnitis for real? Or just kidding? The world may never know.
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