Memo to My Wife (cd single)

by Tinnitis



COMING SOON TO BANDCAMP! Keep watchng this space!


released August 1, 2006

Produced by Tinnitis.
Music and lyrics by MC Tourettes
Cover photo: MC Tourettes
CD art layout: MC Tourette

(c) 2006, Tinnitis. All rights reserved.



all rights reserved


Tinnitis New Jersey

Tinnitis: A Different Kind of Music

Founded 2000

Recording since 2004

Featuring MC Tourettes

Featuring DJ Slow (2005-2007)

Is Tinnitis for real? Or just kidding? The world may never know.
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Track Name: Memo To My Wife (Parts 1 & 2)
Memo to my wife
I hope you don't abhor me
I'll be home late tonight
So don't you wait up for me
I've got to set things right
But right now I must do my work
Don't mean to be a jerk

I know how you must feel
Another night with only
You and Danielle Steele
It hurts to be so lonely
You tire of my spiel
But I'm obliged to face my plight
And change the world tonight

Before she goes to bed
Please tuck in our daughter
For me kiss her forehead
I really know I ought to
Be doing it instead
To make it up, I bought her own
Antique telephone

There's nothing I can do
My job calls for strange hours
I'll make it up to you
With insence, wine and flowers
And after my job's through
If I changed the world that night
With you I'll set things right

To upset the fabric of society
That's my responsibility
So forgive me, my love
If I'm not there for you
You know there's improtant work I've got to do
But still, my baby, I love you
And once I've fixed the world
It will be a better place
Better place for the both of us, my girl

I know I haven't been
The greatest husband lately
This business that I'm in
Affects our bonding greatly
Your patience wearing thin
But no one else can pull this task
Just one more night I ask

So if at 1 A.M.
You turn on the news station
On the screen I am
There's turmoil in the nation
I'm coming back to you
And you'll know my mission's done
The wheels of change have spun


Oh-oh-oh... memo to my wife
Oh-oh-oh... memo to my wife
Oh-oh-oh... memo to my wife
Track Name: Memo To My Wife (Part 1)
See "Memo To My Wife (Parts 1 & 2)".
Track Name: Memo To My Wife (Instrumental)
There are no lyrics, silly. This is an instrumental.
Track Name: AID$ Quilt (demo)
See "AID$ Quilt", on the Tinnitis album, "Blast Off!"